First Day of School – How was it for you?

Made it to the Weekend!

Hurrah! You have made it through to the weekend after getting over the shock of the first day of school. It was a long summer break! The Ocado order with the promise of the glass of Chardonnay can’t come quick enough, or did you give in at lunchtime?

Our kids’ summer holidays extended to eight weeks! Our youngest, Z, seven, pointed out that the extra week was actually from the Easter break, which was thankfully shortened from the interminably long four week version of 2015. Seems you get nothing for free.

Ready to go back

Our two boys were ready to go back. Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful having them around and they loved hanging out together. It became an extended summer bromance of playing and watching a lot of football and cricket. Invariably, there was a lot of iPad and TV despite our best intentions – more on the summer in a later post.

Thankfully, our boys settled in fine. Thursday, was the first day of school, which minimised the shock of getting back to the routine of getting ready for school and work. Although part of the same school, it was the first day in a new building for our youngest. Z was very excited to be at the same campus as his older brother, S. He is not the most talkative in the mornings, but has been positively garrulous, enjoying Z’s company. As always, things went too far as S became rather officious, telling his little brother how things should be done in ‘Big School’.

No dramas

Thursday morning, wasn’t anywhere as bad as I feared, helped by the boys packing their new school bags earlier in the week. Despite best laid plans, there was the inevitable last minute dash to find shin pads and snack bag. In the end, we had to go with an alternative bag and lack of shin pads. Fortunately, the football games session was not too full on, so no bruised shins.

Once of us had to return to the school at 6pm for a Parents Information Evening, before which I had to make the inevitable, second visit of the term to Sports Direct to replace the misplaced shin pads. We were tempted to give the event a miss, but didn’t want to be the parents missed a dress up day notice, when everyone else didn’t. Also, given the comparative sibling rivalry that is always bubbling away under the surface, it avoids the ‘why did you go to his and not mine’.

Apart from the lack of shin pads, there was no major school uniform mishap on the first day of school. Spare a thought for the parents at school in Kent where 50 children were sent home for not wearing the right uniform. On the whole I agree with the principle of upholding standards, but sending children home alone and unexpected could have unintended consequences. I read that one girl was sent home for wearing black suede shoes instead of normal black leather, when a warning would have sufficed. According to a poll on 74% agree that the school is right to enforce the rules.

Take a breath

It is Friday evening and we are all back home just before dinner. Looking forward to a chilled weekend, we have already had to reprimand one for snatching the remote control and the other trying to fart in the face of the other. Ah, well, best intentions and all that….Time to walk on egg shells. The slightest strong comment has led to tears from each one – poor dears it has been a tough week (2 days!). Next week, we will crush it, I’m sure!

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