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Welcome to the VieAgile Parent Blog, from the perspective of a busy working couple, who not only want to get the best out of their careers, but to have a meaningful family life that is not second to the former. Sometimes it can feel like a constant fight to maintain the right balance, driven by self doubt whether a decision on one side impairs the other. It is a work in progress that needs regular maintenance, courage and occasionally grace through gritted teeth.

Working for almost twenty years in London, we know how the pace of the ‘World’s Greatest City’, although mostly wonderful, can sometimes make you feel like you are running to stand still on a conveyor belt. We have both made decisions that have been driven by a family first approach, but it is never easy against the pressure that you can feel that you are going against the tide of what is expected (particularly if you are male!). I read in a productivity book once (Stephen Covey’s Habits of Highly Effective People, which I never finished…)  “No one wishes on their death bed, that they spent more time at work” and that sums up our approach to the delicate equilibrium. You can have it all, but at what expense? Ideally, you should be comfortable with the trade-offs, not continually feeling guilty.

This parent blog has come to life from a feeing that the tide is a starting to turn towards people seeking more meaning in their lives, reports of millennials preferring public sector, fathers working 4 days a week, more fathers on the school run, attempts to share maternity leave with both parents etc. Our intention is to blog about our journey from our perspective about our experiences, challenges and the joys of ‘Parenting in the City’.

Vie Agile Parent Blog

Which brings us neatly to the name. You have heard of the oft used phrase ‘work life balance.’ My wife (the ‘Brunette’) likes to point out that there is no black & white demarcation. You cannot come home and instantly switch off, not if your mind is still working overtime. Instead, spreading priorities through out the day, making the school run, conference calls after having dinner with the kids, critical emails before bed – maintains her grace under pressure. She calls this Agile working. AgileLife sounded  too much like a life insurance company as opposed to a parent blog, hence VieAgile. Vie is the bunny in the logo – balancing kids (baby’s bottle), smartphone (work) and time (clock).

So we invite you to join us on this adventure, as we take our baby steps into the blogosphere. So bear with us, if things are a bit rough at the edges as we this parent blog going. Ultimately, the aim is to make Parents Lives Easier. The ‘How’ and ‘What’ is yet to be defined. That’s the big picture, hopefully you can help paint in the rich details.

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